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"Vancouver Musician, Aza Nabuko, is in bloom both as a musician and a human being who is bound to stretch beyond the boundaries over the years to come." 

- Life Beyond the Music

"Her self-titled EP is a mix of heady goth-pop that shows off Aza’s penchant for strength in structure and building track creatively from the ground up."

- Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters

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"This immensely talented pop artist’s sound has been described of as a mash between chill-out indie and powerful pop ballads."

- My Nguyen, Stars and Celebs

"Nabuko is captivating because she mixes a youthful exuberance with wistful reflection. Plus she has the pipes to back it up slipping from serene falsetto into coarse, aching belt with ease."

"Aza Nabuko writes songs you won’t have heard anything quite like before, her lyrics and the way in which each track commands the space it’s in, whether softly (To the ones with the broken hearts) or with striking volume and energy (Back Seat Driver), reach out in a brand new and deeply human way."

- Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman



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